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Sun sets on 1998 over the Mississippi River

The sun sets on 1998 over the Mississippi River and my friend Daniel.
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Because of the recent election, I have put up a speech given by my great-grandfather, Patrick Henry Martin, Jr., to the Veterans of Wars group on Memorial day, 1921. You can read the text here, get a printable version here, or see a pdf of the original article here. (These links point to my law firm's web site and will open in a new browser window) The speech is extraordinarily moving, and amazingly relevant to the choices facing our country. Here's just one sample:

"Our hero-dead are lying in a thousand burial places today. From Maine to Mexico they sleep; under the azure blue of Cuban skies; covered by the poppies of France; and 'neath the cold, pure snow of Siberia they rest, there to await that final call of reveille on resurrection morn. ...

"But all the world, because of what they gave, is debtor to the blood that fills their veins. ...

"It is well that, in the hurry and press of our times, when the higher soul within us is choked and stifled by the more sordid cares of the hour, by the selfish struggle for self, we should pause for a period to dwell on the illustrious dead who gave their lives for their country, and who typify that higher and truer Americanism which lies within us all, dormant and latent indeed, but ready to spring again to the surface for a new call to arms. It is well that we should do them honor which honors ourselves in the doing. But it is well also to remember that their true mission was to further the cause of liberty."

This site is my personal site, mostly devoted to my hobby, photography. By day I am an attorney, and I have a separate site,, devoted to that business. I've just started the firm after leaving the administration of Governor Mike Foster in January 2004, so please take a moment and check it out. If you need an attorney in Louisiana, I'm your man!

My new presentation on digital photography is still available. It's designed as an overview for the digital camera beginner to give them an overview of the principles behind digital photography and an understanding of the options available when buying a digital camera.

If your picture is somewhere on my site and for any reason you don't want it to be, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

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