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The Advocate
-- The Baton Rouge daily paper
WAFB, Ch. 9 (CBS)
-- The Baton Rouge CBS affiliate
The Times-Picayune (NOLA.com)
-- The New Orleans daily paper
WGMB, Ch. 44 (FOX)
-- The Baton Rouge Fox affiliate
Business Report
-- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
WVLA, Ch. 33 (NBC)
-- The Baton Rouge NBC affiliate
Louisiana Press Association
-- Links to all La. news outlets
WBRZ, Ch. 2 (ABC)
-- The Baton Rouge ABC affiliate

National Newspapers TV & Radio
Washington Post
-- Washington, D.C.
ABC News
-- Home of Nightline
New York Times
-- All the news that's fit to print
Fox News
-- Fox Network news site
Le Monde
-- The news from Paris
-- This is CNN
The London Times
-- The Times and associated papers