Irvin L. Magri, Jr.

This is my friend Irv standing on the steps of an old, abandoned house on the island. Irv is a great, honest, hard-working guy.

Soon after I started my job with Governor Foster, I was assigned to work with the Pardon Board. I got really nervous as I started thinking back over all the people connected with pardons in Louisiana history have gone to jail or had their names ruined because of some pardon or other. Once I met Irv, my fear went away. You can't find a more honest guy.

A prison magazine from Dixon Correctional Institute recently wrote an article that mostly criticized Irv and Governor Foster for never granting any pardons. But the article concluded with a tremendous compliment -- that since Foster took office, and especially since Irv became Pardon Board chairman, the inmates had not heard a single story about an inmate or his family being pressured for money, sex, or other favors in return for a pardon. As a public official, you can't ask for a better reputation than one where even the people who despise the decisons you make have no choice but to admit your honesty.

© May 6, 2001 by Patrick H. Martin, V