You can support our campaign to improve our schools with your time, money, energy, and influence. Request a yard sign! Announce your support on social media! Write your friends! If you want to write your friends, you should use your own words and tell them why you think I’m the right person to represent us on the school board right now. Here’s a sample of the sort of things you can write. I am supporting Patrick Martin for EBR School Board District 9 and here’s why you should too. Patrick Martin is a proven leader with a long history of public and community service. Patrick served as a lawyer for Governor Mike Foster. He has prosecuted corrupt politicians and promoted good government bringing real, pragmatic reform to our state. He has been general counsel for the state Legislative Auditor. For the past 17 years, Patrick worked at LSU, building collaborative teams to create major projects like Nicholson Gateway, the Charity Hospital Redevelopment, and the University Lakes project. In his spare time, he serves on several boards, including the successful BASIS Baton Rouge Charter School and AMIKids troubled youth program. Patrick has the experience in collaborative strategic planning to bring measured solutions to difficult problems that face our school district.
Patrick has personal experience as a student and as a parent in Baton Rouge. Currently, his 9-year-old daughter is attending a local public charter school. His son graduated through the Baton Rouge Catholic school system. As a child, Patrick attended Walnut Hills Elementary (now the BR Center for Visual and Performing Arts), the former Valley Park Middle, Glasgow Middle Magnet, and Liberty High. Patrick is deeply rooted in Baton Rouge and sees the value of investing in our city’s future. Patrick has a listening ear and a proactive attitude. For years we have heard complaint after complaint from students, parents, and teachers. Students aren’t achieving at the levels of our neighboring communities, parents are discouraged by administrative bureaucracy, and teachers want a supportive work environment. We need to heed their concerns. Patrick will listen, ask the tough questions, evaluate the solutions, and implement the best policy. Baton Rouge is at a turning point; if we do not spend the time and energy on improving our school system now, the problems that have plagued our city for generations will continue to plague the generations to come. Now is the time for new leadership. Patrick Martin is that leader! With his proven leadership, personal experience, and proactive vision, academic achievement for all children in Baton Rouge will become a reality.

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